Vote Jon Wilson

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan (Jon) James Wilson

Parish: Forest
Experience: New candidate
Party: No Party affiliation


  • To strive to do what is right even when it is hard, working to earn your trust.
  • Treat all people as though they are inherently good and capable.
  • Recognise that genuine change requires collaborative action.
  • Aspire to address the most complex and critical economic and social problems, working creatively to build positive, systemic change.

Personal statement

I am the proud father of two great boys, Charlie and Billy, and have started and run several businesses, employing local people, helping them grow their potential. During lockdown, I was fortunate to be able to deliver food and prescription medicine, meeting many islanders. I am a free-thinking independent candidate, an active member of a problem-solving institute and wish to tackle challenges for the benefit of the Bailiwick.


Sustainability and Diversification

Guernsey residents by and large enjoy a high standard of living with a natural environment that is second to none and which benefits us all. The island is safe with low levels of crime and has a strong GDP per capita.

We should take nothing for granted, however and work towards ensuring that the quality of life we enjoy is sustained over the long term.

To do so we must:

1. Look beyond the financial sector

Guernsey derives much of its GDP from the finance sector. The financial industry globally is however, facing increasing regulatory headwinds. If Guernsey’s financial sector were to suffer, whether by reason of geopolitical pressure on offshore financial centres, competition from other jurisdictions or poor decisions on island, this would negatively impact almost everything around us.

If we were to put emphasis and focus into developing other industries, Guernsey would be far better placed to weather storms and could mitigate the risks of an attack against it.

The ‘Blue Economy’, focussed on our unique marine environment, offers much for this island to explore and profit from. Local natural resources are a largely untapped source of economic growth for our island.

2. Embrace the global sustainability trend to deliver local benefits

Sustainability is a key element of future business. The demand for businesses to act with integrity and strong environmental and social principles should be at the forefront of any company strategy. It is about doing the right thing. We all acted with strong principles during the lockdown and the result was that we successfully eradicated the virus.

This sense of community will permeate throughout the social fabric of the future to hold businesses and States departments to account and will provide the island with the diversity and sustainability vital for us to create long-lasting island wealth and strength for years to come.

3. Fund the recovery and reward sustainability

A large borrowing requirement will be necessary to see us through the recovery phase following the lockdown. The important factors are how the money is spent and the repayment program.

How can we repay the debt in a few years and not burden future generations and subsequent States members with the money we need to put our lives back on track? I would propose viable solutions that do not increase the tax payable by individuals.

Mental Health and well-being

The States should excel in promoting access to sports and social events for all. This will serve to strengthen social fabric, reduce a sedentary lifestyle and create enjoyment. This in turn will guard against isolation and poor physical and mental health.

Supporting entrepreneurs

Creative business owners are likely to be the lifeblood of the island. They should be supported with all conceivable resources.


The lockdown showed Guernsey folk to be responsible and adaptable in the face of adversity. It showed that as high a level of self-sufficiency as possible in such times is of critical strategic importance. Hedge veg and local businesses became lifelines If we could go much further, revitalising agriculture and investing in more natural sources, this would make our island greener, quicker, at the same time as protecting our independence. Wave and tidal power are potentially major power sources for maritime nations and the advantages of these concepts are relatively high efficiency and relatively low cost.

Investment rather than bailouts

If long-term viable companies require funding to get through the economic downturn, the States should consider equity investment, rather than handouts or debt.


I advocate the Three School Model with the Grammar school being revitalised and a hybrid of exam score and primary school recommendation employed. Our children should be given the best education possible as it is they who will continue to create a better quality of life for both themselves and also us, in the future.

Later years

I support a clear unambiguous path for retirement accommodation and care. Nursing homes for the old and disabled and all basic dentistry, spectacles, hearing aids and prescriptions should be provided for free.

If we are bold enough, we will make a huge difference to the island on a long-term basis, providing a pioneering approach to stand as an economic flagship and thought leader to other island nations.